What is a secure key?

With Mobile and Online Banking, your safety is paramount and we take your online security very seriously. In the face of increasingly sophisticated online threats, the secure key gives you valuable added protection. This is because in addition to your normal credentials of a username and passwords, you must also enter an authenticated code from your secure key which only you will have access to. You can choose from either a Digital Secure Key or Physical Secure Key as both can be used as part of the two-factor authentication process. 

How does a secure key work?

You will use it to generate a temporary security code which you will use to access Mobile and Online Banking. The code is generated with the use of a PIN or password only known by you (or fingerprint/face ID if eligible) and ensures only you can access your accounts.

Fraud Advice: Never give out your security codes to anyone. Fraudsters pretend to be people you’d trust, like a company you may pay bills to, a bank or even the police


Why choose the Digital Secure Key?

  • Convenience - it's part of the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app
  • Use it to log on to the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app and Online Banking
  • Easy access – As the Digital Secure key is integrated into the app, you will not need to generate a code to log on, just use your Digital Secure Key password
  • Biometric ID – if you have a compatible iPhone or Android device, you can log on using Apple Touch/Face ID or Android Fingerprint
  • Its quick and easy to set up
  • As long as you have your mobile device you will have full digital banking access.

If you already have a Physical Secure Key, you can upgrade to a Digital Secure Key

Compatible devices

Digital Secure Key can be devices running up-to-date software. The HSBC UK Mobile Banking app can be used on Android™, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod used on Android™ and iPhone touch devices running up-to-date software.

*iPhone, iPad, iPod FaceID and TouchID are trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

Frequently asked questions

For more information on secure keys, visit our How to page